Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 18 - The Torn Identity

Christy moves into Billie’s dorm room and tries to lay the blame for their parents’ death on Piper. Then she heads off to track down the last unvanquishable Noxon demon. The demons at the Magic School are also after the defeat the Sisters. When one of the demons questions their leader Creo, he’s killed, and Christy arrives to take command.

Paige is waiting for Piper at the Manor and clearly is eager to help with the demons. Piper figures something is up and tells her to talk to Henry. Paige reveals she’s worried about losing her identity in their marriage. Piper figures the Noxon knows who’s behind the death of Billie’s parents and plan to track her down, and Paige heads into the underworld to find him.

The last Noxon, Pator, is in the Underworld when he’s snagged by a creature capable of negating his powers and another demon, Jondar, demands answers from him. Pator reveals he’s the only one who knows about the Trinity but his interrogator leaves him there.

Coop is trying to get Phoebe on a date and beginning to be attracted to her himself when Billie shows up looking for someplace to stay after her parents’ funeral. Paige finds Pator and tells Piper where he’s at, and Christy arrives and tags along to destroy it. Paige would rather question him and Christy dismisses her concerns and they confront Pator. Christy tries to kill him, freeing him, and then tries to invoke the astral spell but Piper interrupts her just in time by knocking her into a rock, and Jondar teleports away with Pator.

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