Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 20 - Gone With The Witches

The Halliwells go to Magic School on the trail of evil, but Phoebe doesn’t believe it’s Billie and Christy. Behind a door they enter a room with a glowing disc but they can’t see it. They emerge and find a group of demons led by Christy, who calls them off. The Halliwells back down and leave, and then Christy complains about the demon leader Creo’s presence, telling them to wait…until they’re ready.

Piper and Paige are comparing notes on how being a Charmed One affects marriage when they’re called in by Phoebe. They give her grief about being in love with Coop before Phoebe reveals she has compiled a list of their prior magical allies that they can call on this time. Billie is working on a ritual to depower the Halliwells and Christy says it’s pointless, but Billie is clearly reluctant. Christy reveals the Halliwells were here and Billie starts to come around.

Paige goes to visit the leprechauns to ask for a favor and they’ve already heard about the brewing storm but are reluctant to help. Paige eventually flatters them into helping. Coop teleports in to the attic and almost gets banished by a surprised Phoebe. He reveals he has someone for her and she finally admits she wants him despite the rules forbidding it, and they kiss. Piper interrupts and Coop makes a quick exit. Phoebe has identified Creo and Piper has a truth spell to make him talk once he gets away from Magic School.

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