'Survivor: Samoa' Episode 12 - Recap: It's Like Watching Someone Going Once, Going Twice...

Well, welcome back, kids. On Survivor: Samoa two weeks back, Foa Foa got the upper hand again, finally eliminating Laura. Then again, you can't really call it an advantage their very own--after all, they wouldn't have done it if not for Shambo's little vendetta and her wooing John to flip to her side. And his deal with Russell. And possibly, the fact that we'll end up having more purples in the jury. Does that mean the yellow comeback is slowing down? Is it a good thing? A bad thing? Something?

We begin right after the last Tribal Council, and a very ecstatic Shambo. "Medusa has been dethroned," she says. "Isn't that just hysterical?" Monica, on the other hand, gets some sort of explanation from John--I don't really know why, and I'm sure I missed something, but she likens him to Judas anyway. She's still fiercely loyal to Laura, seems.

And then, a break at momentum: treemail containing nine blue envelopes with money on it. The previous night's sour mood turns into sheer glee. Money! Which should mean food! Which should mean sustenance! Which should mean... it's the auction! The rules are much like previous auctions: each got $500, and they can bet in $20 increments, and nobody can share anything to anyone. And the items, well, are interesting.

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