30 Rock Season 4, Episode 1: "Season 4" - Recap

Now, there are few things that'll keep me home on a Thursday night. Papa John's is one of them. Ben & Jerry's is up there too. But the one, true thing that's really kept me homebound this evening is something that I've been looking forward to for months now: the Season 4 opener to my ultimate favorite show on television, 30 Rock.

The opening did not disappoint. Within seconds, we've got Liz being Liz, dancing and singing an embarrassing jingle about "cheesy blasters" in a posh restaurant. She's like the kind of friend you wish you had...but you're lucky you don't.

I love how this show is told from the writer's point of view - and how it shows "actors" for "who they really are." I work in theatre and television; I know how actors really are. Liz's fear of trying to cast a new person for the show is totally legit. "But they have so many feelings and opinions!"

Conversely, working in television and theatre, I know what it's like to get paid next to nothing...overtime never included. Kenneth and Jack discussing who gets paid what and why - classic! (Now I know why these two were nominated for Emmys.) I wish I had the courage to go on strike!

Steve Buscemi and his "big wet eyes." He's so weird and yet does it in such an endearing way. I love how everyone and anyone in Hollywood has started guest-starring on this show. Hey, I would, if they would have me. (But sadly, they won't...Trust me, I've begged!)

I'm sorry, but Jenna is my absolute favorite character. Her song numbers, her self-loving lines, her need to be worshipped; it's so ridiculous yet so real! "If it's a blonde woman, I'm going to kill myself!" Favorite line of the evening!

A close second: "Sir, you sound like the mall Santas when they come back from lunch." How sad; how true!

Other episode highlights for me include...

* Jenna willing to go country...or go lesbian

* Kenneth getting Jack's check - How many 00000s ARE in there?!

* Tracy walking the streets and trying to connect with "the common man"

* Pete's wife trying to include Liz in their bedroom antics

* The resolution of the strike and Kenneth coming out as a liar

How about you? Love or hate the episode? Who's your favorite and why? Are you as excited as I am about the upcoming season? See you next week!

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