Recap Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 6, Episode 20 - Profit and Lace

Opening with Quark "persuading" one of his waitresses to be "nicer" to him. In rushes Rom to declare that, while trying to call their mother, he has lost contact with Feringinar. When they go and explain the situation in ops sensors pick up an incoming ship which turns out to carry both Grand Negus Zek and Moogi.

The Nagus explains that by changing the Ferengi Bill of Opportunities to allow women to wear clothes, he has caused planetwide upheaval and has been replaced by Former Liquidator Brunt who will be officially installed by the commission at its next meeting.

Quark, Rom and Nog make fast and furious phone calls to the commissioners to come to DS9 to meet and talk about the situation. Only one agrees.

After standing up to Brunt and throwing him from the bar, Quark and his mother get into a shouting match that causes her to suffer a heart attack and Dr. Bashir performs a transplant. Without Moogi to stand up and speak for herself at the meeting, Quark dresses up as a female named Lumba to try and fool the commissioner.

Over dinner Quark/Lumba has to fend off the advances of the commissioner while he explains the 200% increase in the workforce and consumer base. Once in the commissioner's room he goes into full assault, chasing Quark around the apartment.

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