Recap Charmed: Season 8, Episode 22 - Forever Charmed

Piper and Leo go to Phoebe’s apartment where the Book of Shadows is. While she looks for some kind of solution, Billie returns to Magic School and confronts Dumain, revealing Christy is dead. Dumain suggests she project herself back into the past and save Christy.

Piper and Leo arrive at Victor’s and Piper breaks the news. Victor reveals he knows about Coop and Piper realizes he can help them. She summons Coop and asks to borrow is ring so she can go back in time. Coop agrees but warns it doesn’t always work as desired. Leo goes with her and the two of them go into the past in 1975 where they meet a young Victor and Patty in bed, when Piper was 3 and Phoebe hasn’t been born yet. Later they try to explain things without giving away too much, and finally revealed Paige and Phoebe are dead and that they’re the Charmed Ones. Patty suggests they use their family magic to get Piper to where she needs to go. The three of them take the ring and go to Grams, but end up in a future where Piper and Leo are old and have been waiting for them.

The old Piper and Leo reveal it’s 50 years in the future and that Phoebe needs to focus on who she wants to get to with her heart, not her head, and they must work together to get rid of the Hollow. They try again and see Grams talking with a young Piper. After young Piper leaves, they introduce themselves and Grams faints. Piper reveals that Patty is dead at that time.

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