Monk: Series Finale Preview Season 8, Episode 16 - Featured

The time has come to finally learn the truth about Trudy Monk's death. Monk is, after all, ending its eight-season run on the USA Network so it's only fitting to see Adrian Monk solve the biggest mystery of his life.

Tonight's episode marks the second half of the two-part series ender "Mr. Monk and The End," and for those who missed the first part last week, here's a quick refresher: In a flashback scene, Trudy leaves Monk a gift under the Christmas tree but makes him promise not to open it until Christmas. Later that day, Trudy gets into her car in a parking garage and the car explodes. Meanwhile, Monk is with Stottlemeyer at the birthing center where he's investigating the disappearance of Wendy Stroud, and where he also learns that something terrible has happened to Trudy. Fast forward to 12 years later, Monk is called to investigate the murder of Dr. Nash, the same doctor they talked to twelve years earlier during their investigation of Wendy Stroud's disappearance, at the location where he first heard the news of his wife's murder.

But it looks like Monk is about to stumble into something big now that his life is in danger. Someone tries to kill Monk by poisoning him with a synthetic toxin and now, it looks like death is becoming an increasing certainty for Monk. He decides to finally open Trudy's Christmas gift and finds a video tape where he learns more clues about his wife's death.

And so begins the most important investigation of Monk's life. After putting all the pieces together, Monk finds out what really happened to Trudy and pursues the killer of his wife. But before he finds his wife's killer, he may have to find his own.

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