The Good Guys - Recap & Review - Silvio's Way Episode 8

This week starts with Jack and Dan (wearing shirts that might blind me in their brightness) investigating a vandalized electronics store mascot. Exactly the kind of thing drunk college students might do. At the same time, a drugstore which may be the same one from Broken Door Theory - is being robbed by a pair of yokels who really don't know what they just stole. Which of these is more interesting? Yep, but Jack and Dan don't have that kind of cred. Our boys go out on a stakeout to protect the mascot, by which I mean they get drunk together. Six beers, a bucket of wings and four shots later, Dan is impersonating a mobster. Only on this show could these three things come together at all.

We find out seven years earlier, Dan was undercover as a mobster named Silvio and slept through his own sting operation, thus losing a ton of department money and tanking his career. Of course, this means the lightbulb goes off over Dan's head and he decides to go bust the mobsters and make up for it. Cover intact, he goes to meet the dim-witted mobsters to see what they're up to. Ruiz is not impressed, too worried with the pharmacy robberies, but one can see she agrees to let them go if only to get him away from her. The cops set up to bust the mobsters only to find out that there's nothing but seafood to be had. Dan, however, is insistent and clearly way too deep into his cover.

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