Recap: "Bullies"

In this week's My Name Is Earl, we once again find Earl (Jason Lee) trying to make amends for harm caused in childhood. But while also trying to show some tough love to Randy (Ethan Suplee), he brings out a side of his sensitive younger brother that no one has ever seen.

Perhaps not unexpectedly, Randy tends to invest a lot of time and money in the Crab Shack's skill crane (or skill claw, claw crane, claw machine, et al.). Joy (Jaime Pressly) tends to bully Randy often, but he begins to get fed up with her demanding his prize whenever he wins. Going to his older brother for help, Randy finds that Earl refuses and instead encourages him to overcome the bullying on his own. The situation, though, causes Earl to remember one of his list items.

In his youth, Earl was once sent to a private school. Fearing he'll be picked on as the new kid, he decides to pick on someone weaker than he as a way to preemptively deflect attention away from himself. A timid, butterfly-loving boy named Wally is the unlucky victim. Earl's labeling of Wally as a "pansy" and his subsequent mean pranks deliver the protection Earl had hoped for, but after taking the bullying too far, Earl is kicked out of the school and never sees Wally again.

When Earl and Randy arrive at adult Wally's (Matthew Willig) door, Earl has no idea what he's getting himself into. The man who answers is no weakling; rather, he's a hulk who looks as if he might go around cracking sternums for the fun of it. When Wally assumes they answered his ad in the paper, Earl quickly abandons any talk of the list and tells Wally his name is Cliff. The Hickey's are at first afraid the ad was for sex, but are thankful to learn that it was for gym partners. Earl's sense of relief doesn't last for long as he soon finds that Wally is the kind of guy who punches people in the face to get them psyched up.

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