Recap: "Jackie Jormp-Jomp"

On Thursday's 30 Rock, Liz explores the world outside of TGS and finds a group of ladies who lunch - and punch. Meanwhile, Jack fakes Jenna's death to promote her struggling Janis Joplin biopic (she's now called Jackie Jormp-Jomp), and Tracy mediates a lover's quarrel among Dotcom, Kenneth and a TGS dancer named Daphne.


Liz is on paid leave (or, as Kenneth calls it, "S-E-X probation") and has to attend sexual-harassment workshops (or, as Jack calls them, "pervert seminars") with HR dude Jeffrey Weinerslav (or, as he pronounces it, "weener slave"), and she's itching to get back to work.

Jack tells her that she cannot be in the office, and since work is her life, she has to improvise. This leads to her spending much of her day chatting up her building's doormen, where she learns some Polish: "Please shut up, lady!" But it's not a total loss. She learns that her building has vending machines and a fitness center, thanks to Emily, a suave former investment banker who sees her old self in the burnt-out, workaholic Liz.

Emily invites her to meet her friends, all of whom used to be high-powered working women who are now ladies of leisure. Their advice for Liz, based on their own experiences: short the housing market; write a cookbook specifically for the children of mixed-race couples; marry a rich old dude who dies; or have mild lupus and great insurance. Liz is seduced by the women, so much so that she hardly realizes that she has spent the entire day with them (shopping, getting Botox, eating dinner at "Jewelbacca" and a lot of imbibing), which is conveyed hilariously in a stage-y flash-forward sequence.

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