Year in Review: Top Disappointments, Part 2


You may have realized a common thread in Part 1 of this year's disappointments - 3 of the 5 shows aired on NBC. This might make you realize that NBC overall has become a disappointment. They cancel the good shows and offer up new ones that stink. Beyond their Thursday night comedy hits, much of their remaining lineup is aging (Heroes, L&O, ER) and their midseason lineup looks pathetic as ever. Momma's Boys? Superstars of Dance? More Biggest Loser?

However, perhaps the biggest nail in the coffin is that NBC has pretty much waved a white flag by recently announcing that beginning next Fall Jay Leno will receive the 10PM slot every night. It's a smart business decision; Leno is cheaper than scripted shows. But NBC is also telling us that they know they can't launch a new scripted hit, so why try? Frankly, I expected more from a network that used to be "Must See".

The Ex List

My girly side had high hopes for this one. It seemed adorable in theory. But...the show turned out being less than inspired. It wasn't awful, but it seemed formulaic (kind of like My Name is Earl with a list of men) and overly cheesy. The inner show turmoil couldn't have helped; the show's original showrunner left due to creative differences. The Ex List survived 4 episodes.

Moonlight / Jericho / October Road

I could have dedicated slots to each of these, but I think what they all represent is the sadness of failed fan campaigns (less so with Jericho, since the first giant campaign did get the show a few new episodes, but this only prolonged its inevitable cancellation). There was no doubt that all 3 of these shows had a ton of fans who poured in so much effort to making it known how much they loved their respective shows. The irony is...all 3 performed in their slots last year a whole lot better than many of this Fall's new shows. The Ex List had less than half the number of viewers when compared to Moonlight (same timeslot). Makes it sting even more, doesn't it?

Las Vegas

I know I've already dedicated a whole diatribe towards NBC and its failures (and that other specific shows have also been singled out), but I saved a specific slot for Las Vegas. My complaint is not that the show was canceled; it definitely had run its course over 5 seasons. However, the show was canceled and due to strike fallout was ended on a giant, unintentional cliffhanger. A show that ran for 5 seasons deserved better, as did its fans.


This will be the most controversial of my picks, but frankly, I've found Fringe a little disappointing. I'll start by saying that it remains one of the best new shows of Fall. But...because Fringe is coming from my pretty-much-all-time-favorite TV producer - I hold it to especially high standards. Fringe has just not drawn me in from the first episode the way previous Abrams shows like Alias and Lost (both on my list of all time favorite pilots) have. The show certainly isn't bad, but for me, it has been lacking a wow factor. It's a little formulaic for my taste (mystery of the night, Massive Dynamic has the answer!, the Pattern - ooooooh), and the science is so ridiculous that it would make even an English major scoff.

What are the year's top disappointments for you?

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Year in Review


Dec 18, 2008 3:29PM EST

I'd have to say the cancellation of Pushing Daisies, I loved that show so much. Hopefully Bryan Fuller can bring some life back in to my Heroes. Knight Rider which it sounds like is slowly getting the hev hoe. And Gary Unmarried and Kath and Kim getting a full season run. WTF these are the worst shows I've seen in a long time. If I wanted to watch bickering for what seems longer then a half hour I would go to my Exes for the Holidays.

Dec 18, 2008 3:47PM EST

Ouch. If I hearted Moonlight, that fact that The Ex List had less than half the number of viewers would have made me shed a few tears. Either way, it's quite disappointing that shows that prove to still have potential like Moonlight, Jericho, and October Road get canceled despite of their improvements, only to have their slots filled with even less successful shows.

Dec 18, 2008 3:55PM EST

The cancellation of Pushing Daisies broke my heart

Default avatar cat
Dec 18, 2008 5:44PM EST

The cancellation of Moonlight was just so annoying, and the fact that True Blood pretty much attempted to take it's place in vamp-lovers hearts is just stupid. This season's total lack of good new showsis disturbing. I mean, come on...Kath&Kim? What are they trying to do? Get us to completely boycott tv because everything new is horrid? I wish the producers and writers could get it together and create better stuff!

Default avatar cat
Dec 18, 2008 8:44PM EST

Moonlight was one of the best shows on TV. It is sorely missed, almost as Alex O'Laughlin.. How can a hot man like that not be seen by the TV and Movie watching public. One can only hope that he will be back VERY VERY soon.

Dec 19, 2008 6:24AM EST

where do i start?the ex-list and valentine even tho these shows got somewhat boring i'ld pick them everytime and day over these rich high scool teen own worst enemy was just a daft cancellation, the show has only gotten better after the cancellation.

Default avatar cat
Dec 19, 2008 2:17PM EST

I COMPLETELY AGREE about Fringe. Talk about a formulaic show Something wierd and fictional happens -> creepy dead (?) boyfriends brain knows something/ Dr. Creeper knows something -> someone dies who had the answer, cut to Massive Dynamic lady -> Joshua Jackson looks sad at his dad -> we get the answer anyway and it makes no friggin sense, which is cool cause everything is fictional.
Oh and they stole everything from The X-Files... Oh right, except the SCIENCE. MAN what a let down.

Default avatar cat
Dec 20, 2008 4:10PM EST

Yeah, Fringe is definitely one of the biggest disappointments of the season. I can't stand the lead actress and the character-based jokes - crazy dad, smarty-pants son - leave something to be desired. It's too formulaic and frankly, dull, for me to invest my time in. Cybercat - you summed up absolutely episode in your paragraph. There's no point watching it now. :)
I can't bring myself to keep watching it just in the vain hopes that it'll soon get great.
Meanwhile...Daisies is deceased? It's a cruel world, indeed. At least Sarah Connor's holding on with Chuck. Tsk, tsk.

Dec 21, 2008 1:13PM EST

and i just can't bear talking about moonlight, its just too painful sob, sob, sob

Dec 22, 2008 2:32PM EST

i totally agree about las vegas. fine cancel the show but tie up loose ends. we really were'nt prepared for that!

Default avatar cat
Dec 23, 2008 3:32PM EST

There are two great (maybe cancelled?) shows that should have been mentioned. Eureka and Blood Ties. Yeah, I'm a guy who was checking out Life Time. Blood Ties was accurate and very well done. It depicted vampires in a much more realistic fashion than did Moonlight. It also did not try to do a botched reimagining of Vampire: The Masquerade as did Moonlight. Blood Ties kept the mood right by consistently filming outdoors and in the night. There were just too many times where I could tell that Moonlight was on a set with a fake moon and air blowers.
As for Eureka, well who doesn't like hot women doing sci-fi stuff? Like Blood Ties, Eureka just stopped! The acting is decent and the stories are funny. But one day, one of the main characters is killed and then the show just stops. Maybe it just has something to do with NBC-Universal being the producer.

Large newrachelimage
RachelL Editor
Dec 23, 2008 3:50PM EST

@Audubann-Good news: Eureka is not actually canceled! Coming back sometime in 2009...not yet announced.Sorry to hear about Blood Ties...I know the show had its fans out there. I never had a chance to catch it.

Default avatar cat
Dec 25, 2008 4:03AM EST

I really wish that they'd change their mind with Daisies.

Default avatar cat
Dec 26, 2008 4:37AM EST

I'm sad about Pushing Daisies becuase it was really original, but what broke my heart was the cancellation of October Road!! This show was adorable and beautiful and I really miss it!!

I Friday Night Lights had been stopped too, I just would have stopped watching television!!

I agre about Fringe, I was expecting way better...

Default avatar cat
Dec 30, 2008 3:17AM EST

I am extremely disappointed that Pushing Daisies was canceled. Maybe it will be revisited next year?
I wish that Blood Ties was also not canceled. First of all the "Life Time" channel is not a suitable network for "dark" TV shows. Second of all, having a vampire TV show on at 11pm on a Friday night is not good for the ratings anyways. How many vampire loving people watch the Life Time channel and stay home on a Friday night and not out partying? I didn't even know that channel existed before Blood Ties came along. One thing's for sure is that HBO could have signed onto Blood Ties and picked it up where it left off. But then we'd have two vampire TV shows to compete with, True Blood vs Blood Ties. Maybe the Blood Ties cancellation made way for True Blood? But I'm not going to start the battle of versus. I enjoy them both, very much.
P.S. If anyone is curious, True Blood Season 2 starts Summer 2009, as the last show of Season 1 had announced at the end.

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