Season 6 Finale "Remember Me as a Time of Day" Recap

Previously on One Tree Hill: Lucas and Peyton got married, but she collapsed on their wedding night. Julian vowed to win Brooke Davis once and for all and Nathan was rejected by the L.A. Clippers.

The finale picks up right where we left off with Lucas rushing Peyton to the hospital to the haunting tunes of Wakey! Wakey!'s "War Sweater."

Lucas washes the blood from his hands and, for some reason, he and the rest of the gang all watch the surgery from the observation room. Peyton wakes up briefly before the anesthesiologist knocks her out and the screen cuts to black. And then...

A baby crying. No, this isn't misdirection, it's Peyton and Lucas' baby, and Lucas wakes up in the middle of the night to hold his daughter. That beauty is cut short when Lucas is bleary-eyed at Peyton's bedside in the hospital, pouring her root beer floats and begging her to wake up.

Outside the hospital, Julian tries to get Brooke to go home because it's been four days since Peyton was admitted. Brooke refuses to leave, which Julian knew she would, so he bought her a ton of fashion magazines.

Lucas cries a lot next to Peyton, terrified that he can't raise their baby without Peyton because they didn't even come up with a name. While he cries, Peyton wakes up and tells him the baby's name is Sawyer. That's cute, but Sawyer is a terrible name for a girl because all I can think of when I hear it is Josh Holloway.

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