SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND "Delicate Things" Episode 6 (106) - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and also check out photos of an upcoming episode of SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND "Delicate Things" Episode 6 which will air Friday February 26 2010.

Episode Synopsis: With the glory and riches reaped by Spartacus' victory in the arena, it appears that his long desired reward will be granted when Batiatus informs him that he will be reunited with his wife. Friday, 2/26 at 10pm et/pt on Starz.

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Default avatar cat
Feb 27, 2010 3:07AM EST

The ending on this episode was so bad it has caused me to stop watching this show. What are they even remotely thinking, its already a show that is 90% violence and tits, and they destroy the only piece of story they have clung to, the only dash of hope that ties us to the main character. A remarkably poor decision, I hope the show fails soon so that the creators learn from this mistake.

Feb 27, 2010 10:19AM EST

What the hell were the writers thinking with the ending to this episode? I mean what the hell does he have left now? What is gonna stop him from going into battle and letting his opponent kill him? Vengeance? How would he ever know? The only thing I am holding on to with this show is the idea of all the misdeeds done in the dark will come to light one way or another.

Default avatar cat
Mar 3, 2010 3:06PM EST

I have watched it at and the ending was not so bad as you say here guys.

Mar 7, 2010 5:38PM EST

Lol at all the happy-ending fags who were looking forward to an obvious outcome instead of welcoming the plot-twist.
I think this makes the show 21891298 times more interesting, now it makes you wonder WHAT he'll be fighting for and why. Before he was like a broken record: "I just want to be with my wife, wah!"

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