'The Big Bang Theory' - 'The Pants Alternative' Recap Season 3, Episode 18

If you've ever read my 'Big Bang Theory' reviews, then you know that I always end it with some of my favorite quotes from the episode. I'm pretty sure that after this week's, my hands almost fell off. There were so many great lines to choose from-- and I didn't even get in to Sheldon's amazing speech. Were I to do that, then I'd pretty much be transcribing the entire episode instead of reviewing it.

The episode went along pretty much as you would expect it to: Sheldon has a weird problem, the friends pitch in to try and help him out. There are a couple of things I didn't see coming: The "C-Men" joke, and Sheldon's amazing drunk stand-up act at his awards ceremony. In three years, that was the loosest we've ever seen Dr. Cooper, and the results were fascinating.

My only hope is that they never let Sheldon get drunk again. It worked tonight because it was so unexpected and brilliantly done, but to do it again would be to ruin it. We already have alcohol as a device to loosen Raj up and allow him to talk to women, and if we gave the same device to Sheldon, it would just be a little bit too much. Plus, it would say some weird things about the drinking habits of the scientific community that may or may not be accurate.

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