'Human Target' Episode 12 - 'Christopher Chance' Recap (Season Finale)

Last night's great season finale was capped off by a cliffhanger ending straight outta 'The Empire Strikes Back' - a major player went missing, the plot was left unresolved, and the final few minutes were set to a swelling John Williams-esque score. The cliffhanger felt even more poignant since Fox has yet to announce a second season renewal for 'Human Target.'

Hopefully, the network will take a, er, chance and order another full season of the show. 'Human Target' turned out to be one of the best and most enjoyable new series to premiere in the last few months. I've had a blast tagging along with Chance, Winston and Guerrero on their crazy adventures, and I'd love to see the boys regroup and save the day over and over again for another few years.

We finally got to see Chance's back story and explore his relationships with "The Old Man" Joubert (Armand Assante) and Katherine Walters (Amy Acker). "Christopher Chance" revealed a lot about our main characters, but there's still more backstory to tell and more questions to be answered. Like how and why did Guerrero leave The Old Man's company to hook up with Chance and Winston? Is Katherine Walters really dead? (We never actually saw her in the boat when it exploded.) And what's so important about that book?

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