Recap - Modern Family 1.13 "Fifteen Percent"

Can people really change? That's the question at the core of last night's Modern Family, "Fifteen Percent." When asked, Phil replies that people can change, and he'll believe that until the day he dies. Claire responds that he has just proved the exact opposite of what he said. Evidently not: Claire used to support him! Claire is just angry because she cannot figure out how to use the new remote control Phil purchased for their new home theater system. Claire has always had trouble with technology, evidenced by the time Claire walked into Haley's room in only her bra, underwear and an open robe, and Dylan was live via video on Haley's computer. Claire was completely oblivious to the fact that Dylan could see her. When Dylan informed her of this fact, she quickly hit the floor and crawled out, giving Dylan a nice shot of her butt along the way.

Jay is hanging outside Papa Dons Deli, joking with his old buddies, including Shorty, played by Chazz Palminteri. Cameron walks by with some flowers he is about to deliver to Gloria as thanks for watching Lily. He has also purchased Gloria a card with a silk-boxered, hunky Antonio Banderas-type pictured. Jay, feeling embarrassed about Cameron's obvious persuasion, and how his old-school buddies might react, introduces Cameron as "a friend of my son." Cameron is unfazed. Back at Jay's house, Manny is preparing himself for a date. A girl named Whitney whom Manny met on an online book club is coming over (let's ignore the fact that Gloria isn't incensed that her 11year old is inviting strangers from the internet over to the house because, well, it's funny!). Manny explains how they fell for each other, "We both like vampire fiction and the romance of eternal life." Whitney arrives, and she is not exactly as Manny imagined. Instead of another 11-yr old who would be excited about the "blood-like" tomato soup Manny put on the date menu, she's a woman in her early thirties (played by the wonderful Kristen Schaal of Flight of the Conchords fame).

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