'Chuck': Chuck, The Ladies Man

Chuck might have some real internal conflict going on these days, but one thing's for certain: he has a way with women. Or as Lester so profoundly puts it, "Chuck's the greatest lady killer Burbank has ever seen." And yes, I realize that moniker makes him sound more like a serial killer than Rico Suave, but whether it's his unassuming demeanor or the way he rocks that Nerd Herd uniform, you can't deny all the lovely women that have taken to Chuck's charms.

In "Chuck Versus the Fake Name", Lester, Jeff, and Big Mike have a hilarious discussion about Chuck's success with the ladies: Jill, the hot girl from Stanford, Lou, the brunette with the overpriced deli (who according to Big Mike was a fine miniature piece of woman), and now Hannah (whose feet Lester would moisturize with his saliva). Regarding that last bit, eww!

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