Doctor Who: "The Big Bang" Review Season 5, Episode 13

Oh Moffat, you old scallywag you. We thought you had something cocky up your sleeve last week but we certainly hadn't banked on this. We've had stacked odds before, but nothing quite as calamitous as 'The Pandorica Opens' crashing to a close with the Doctor's eternal imprisonment, the death of a companion and the collapse of the multiverse.

And for this concluding part, we certainly got the Big Bang we were promised. From the off, the show tossed a curve-ball, starting exactly where the season began with young Amelia Pond, albeit in a universe suffering the effects of a total collapse of time and space. From there on in, 'The Big Bang' practically danced a jig on the carcass of expectation, confounding with a complete shift in time and a pre-credit cliffhanger that set the tone for a thoroughly breathless 55-minute time-hopping ride.

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Jun 28, 2010 9:24PM EDT

Hmm. I wouldn't say i agree with everything that you said.
It was good, but I didnt understand it and it was far fetched and rushed.
To me it wasn't genius of Moffat's mind it was more like a means to an end.
Not proberly thought though and a bit unnessercary.
Matt Smith was very good and reminded me of what the Doctor was like in the previous seasons as this season Doctor was all over the place and he didnt come into his own way till know.
Can't wait for christmas.

Default avatar cat

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Jul 14, 2010 10:49PM EDT

I am just upset I have to watch another season with the annoying and horrible acting of Amy, the Dr.'s sidekick. Rory, on the other hand, is a cool character. Amy is not convincing AT ALL.

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