Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: "Glitter in Their Eyes"

On this week's episode, there's trouble on the Espada sidelines as the players get restless and Coach Jimmy starts feeling the effects of the game. The seemingly united tribe is starting to crack, fueled by the egos and emotions of two players: Marty and Jimmy T. Marty admits from day one that he's not a fan of Johnson, and on day seven he's still lamenting being stuck in a tribe with a winning coach. OK Marty, we get that you have leadership skills and business savvy because you were a former Yahoo! executive, but Johnson won two Super Bowls. Advantage Jimmy J. Unfortunately, Jimmy T. has bigger (and much louder) problems with Jimmy J. and cannot keep his mouth shut when he feels ignored by the tribe.

Shockingly, Jimmy T. does not earn this season's Loudmouth Award, which unanimously goes to La Flor's NaOnka. Even with Shannon gone, she continues to attack tribe members outside her alliance, constantly reiterating her hatred toward Jud and targeting Alina and Kelly B. for elimination. Heck, even if I was in an alliance with NaOnka I wouldn't trust her since it seems she can find a fault with anybody. But her true character didn't come out until after this week's reward/immunity challenge, where tribes must roll 10 barrels into place and try to land 10 beanbags on top of them in the fastest time. The lead seesaws through the entire competition, and it appears Espada might come away with their second win because of Tyrone's accurate arm. But he starts missing, and Benry starts making shots for La Flor, ultimately leading them to a come-from-behind victory. Along with immunity, the tribe is awarded a basket of fruit, which Kelly B. and NaOnka both grab - and notice the second clue to their tribe's hidden immunity idol. And when they get back to camp, it's game on.

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