Recap: "Is There a Doctor in the House"

This week, Jerry defends a woman picked up for drug possession with a substance she insists is only laundry detergent. The case involves Michelle's new police officer boyfriend whose efforts to give Jerry the runaround lands the woman in the hospital. Bobbi steps in to defend a client who is certain that "his side" of the story will prove he's innocent of theft charges. Oh, and Charlie has dinner with Judge Farnsworth (juicy!).

The episode begins with Charlie walking in on all of the judges pigging out on take-out. Charlie asks why he was invited, and Judge Kessler says he's been summoned to welcome Judge Farnsworth to the courthouse. They debate over a hypothetical case, and Charlie defends Kessler's case - eventually winning her the dollar placed on the bet. Farnsworth appears to be smitten over Charlie (I suspect we will see more of these two).

Jerry sits with Wesley Wittiber, a client who refuses to accept a plea on the larceny charges he faces. Wesley continuously states that he wants to meet in front of a jury despite Jerry's advice. Jerry reminds Wesley that he was caught with the merchandise in his hand after hours sneaking it out the thrift store. His client, however, is positive that after hearing his side, a jury will find him innocent (though he neglects to explain what his side even is).

As predicted after the opening scene, Farnsworth asks Charlie out and tells him to come to his apartment at 8 pm. After Charlie expresses his discomfort with such a meeting place, Farnsworth tells Charlie to meet him in his chambers for what he calls "dinner and discussion."

Marcus finds out Balco is going to the hospital for a procedure, and he and Michelle snoop around in hopes of uncovering what exactly is wrong with their boss. (Is Balco becoming more intolerable, or what?)

Meanwhile, Tim Porter, the detective who is supposedly dating Michelle, introduces himself to Jerry after Jerry shows up to meet with his client, Suzette. Suzette was picked up for supposed drug possession, though Suzette explains the substance was laundry detergent she took from her sister. They have it tested and it shows up negative. Suzette is released and Jerry makes a comment to Porter regarding his false assumptions that she was using or selling.

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