Ghost Whisperer Producers Preview "Dead Air" Season 5, Episode 11

The cast and crew are back from a nice holiday hiatus, and we're refreshed and ready to crank out more exciting episodes of Ghost Whisperer for you to watch Friday nights at 8 pm on CBS. 2009 culminated with Jennifer Love Hewitt directing our 100th episode, which is scheduled to air March 5th. 2010 will commence with a mysterious new episode for you to watch this week! "Dead Air" will allow you to see a different side of Christoph Sander as he plays Ned Banks and gets into more than his share of trouble on campus at Rockland University.

This week in "Dead Air," personal secrets are broadcast across Grandview radio airwaves when a ghost haunts the station where Ned (Christoph Sanders) and some college friends work. The punishment is spread widely as the unseen ghost exacts revenge for a death that resulted from one of the station's more popular shows. Fortunately, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) comes to Ned's aid to track down the ghost before someone else gets hurt.

"Dead Air" was written by Executive Producer Laurie McCarthy and Co-Executive Producer Mark B. Perry; it was directed by Gloria Muzio.

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