Preview of Episode 5.15 "In a World Where the Kings are Employers"

On the last episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan (Teri Hatcher) was a little jealous when she found out that Mike (James Denton) bought Katherine (Dana Delaney) new pearls. Eventually, she actually ended up stealing the pearls when Mike said he couldn't afford to pay for his son M.J.'s private school. Elsewhere, Bree (Marcia Cross) was able to buy a car, thanks to her book, and Lynette (Felicity Huffman) and Tom (Doug Savant) had a fire sale for their pizzeria as they were going to sell it. Meanwhile, Gabrielle (Eva Longoria-Parker) and Edie (Nicollette Sheridan), in an attempt to lose weight, attended a fitness boot camp.

On tonight's episode of Desperate Housewives, Susan actually tries to do something for her son, as she decides to start a new job to give him only the best. However, when Mike leaves their son with Katherine, there is more anger and jealousy on the set. Meanwhile, even Scavo's Pizzeria isn't spared from the financial crisis, and Lynette actually tells Tom that they have to sell. Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) ends up receiving a hefty bonus after Gaby discovers his boss's dirty little secret, while Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) confronts Bree after he finds out that she's given Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom) a raise. Elsewhere, Dave (Neal McDonough) starts suspecting that the neighbors are onto him.

Speaking of Dave doing something, by now, the news of Sheridan leaving Wisteria Lane has made the rounds online. If we'd remember, Edie nearly left Desperate Housewives twice; first a couple of seasons ago when she tried to hang herself when Carlos left her for Gabrielle and finally just last season when the housewives confronted her and actually forced her out of Wisteria Lane because of a blackmail threat that didn't go her way (something involving fake pregnancies).

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