Bryan Singer Talks X-Men: First Class

While we’ve had a virtual avalanche of casting info for Matthew Vaughn’s latest outing, the prequel story X-Men: First Class, one element has always been noticeably absent: solid details on the film’s true setting and plot. But now producer Bryan Singer has called up Ain’t It Cool News to deliver some fresh intelligence.

From this point on, we’d warn anyone reading that there may be mild spoilers ahead.

According to Singer, this version of First Class will not be a direct adaptation of the comic book that bears the name. Instead, this will aim to foster the origin of Singer’s own first two X-Men films (and, to a lesser extent, Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand). The story will be set in the 1960s, at a time when civil rights were a big issue and revolution was in the air.

We’ll meet Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) as a student at Oxford, and this younger take on the character will be neither bald nor in his customary wheelchair, though we will likely see how he comes to be in the chair. When Xavier meets Erik Lensherr, (Michael Fassbender), the first inklings of the X-Men will be seen.

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