SONS OF ANARCHY ''The Push'' Review Season 3, Episode 6

If SAMCRO was brought to their knees last week, they were raised back up on her feet this week. But things are by no means back to normal for our boys; they've had to lie, cheat and deal with the devil to get to this point - and there is more trouble in their future.

Kozik, a Tacoma member of the Sons of Anarchy, wants back in with SAMCRO. We don't know what he did, but Tig doesn't trust him and vetoes his admission back into the charter. He's told to stick around anyway, as Tig will change his mind sooner or later. Kozik decides to help things along by goading Tig into an hilarious brawl.

SAMCRO track down the shipment of Mayan drugs and hijack it. They meet with the Mayans and agree a truce; the Grim Bastards will provide protection for the Mayan shipments as long as SAMCRO get $25k per load. The Mayan president Alvarez returns Juice's cut and allows him to beat up the leader of the small Lodi MC.

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