'Persons Unknown' - 'Exit One' Recap Season 1, Episode 4

Joe is supposed to be the cool, fearless one of the 'Persons Unknown' group, but there's a fine line between fearless and stupid. So Janet finds some sort of Italian bee and plays with it in her hand, and when she lets it go Joe crushes it immediately with his boot because one sting and he's dead.

So why stand there and talk to a woman who is playing with a bee if they are literally deadly to you and you don't have a hospital or even an EpiPen on hand? Hell, if I was that allergic to bees I'd be inside the Chinese food place all the time, with a giant phone book next to me in case bees showed up.

But hell, maybe he's not even really allergic to bees, since it looks like he's in on what's going on! Come on, admit it, you didn't see that cool twist coming, did you? It was well done, and while I don't think Joe is evil or anything like that (he's having doubts about "the process," whatever that is), this show just got a whole lot deeper.

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