24 Episode Recap: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

As hour three begins, Jack is on the hunt for the real people behind the planned assassination of Kamistan President Omar Hassan - and one of them just may be the President's brother himself. But more on that later...

Jack's first solid lead takes him to a man we know only as Davros (character actor Doug Hutchison), who has been posing as a police officer and is now revealing his true colors by taking a cop and his wife hostage. Using 24 logic, we know this guy's bad news because: 1) he has a foreign accent; 2) he's got a cold, steely gaze; and 3) he fired a "warning shot" into someone's leg.

But apparently, that was only the warm-up; by the time Jack gets to the house, Davros has already executed the unfortunate couple and fled the scene.

Of course, with typically poor Jack timing, he's lurking around with a gun right when a couple cops show up and discover the bodies - and promptly Taser Jack. Someone should really get him a laminated card that says, "I'm a former CTU agent and am currently trying to save the world." Or something to that effect.

Less than three hours into Season 8, and it's already time for someone to get tied up and slapped around. Though in this case, it's Jack being slugged by a police officer who thinks he's captured a cop killer. Oh, Jack, the wacky predicaments you get yourself into.

Back at CTU, Agent Walsh's mysterious stalker, Kevin Wade (Clayne Crawford), shows up demanding a face-to-face meeting. Apparently he's a scorned ex-lover (and possible ex-con) who just can't let her go, blah blah blah. I'm already kind of bored with this plotline - it's not like we've been given a reason to care about Walsh's career or her love life yet. But, this being 24, I'll just take it on faith that this thread will ties into the main plot somewhere.

Downstairs, in a very brightly lit interrogation room (you can actually hear those fluorescents buzzing), the ever-more-unlikable Hastings is leaning hard on reporter Meredith Reed. Realizing it's the only way to save her skin, Reed fesses up to her affair with Hassan. Hastings doesn't buy it - and clearly doesn't want to give up on this convenient fall gal - but Chloe manages to convince her boss to dig a little deeper.

Surprisingly, Hassan confirms the affair rather than throwing Reed under the proverbial bus. I was gonna say he's a stand-up guy, but I guess being honest about cheating on your wife doesn't quite qualify as admirable.

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