24 Episode Recap: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Looks like Agent Ortiz may have the luck of Jack Bauer (for good and ill), as he survived that close-range explosion with barely a scratch. Which makes me doubt how effective the bomb would have been at killing Hassan, but I guess that point is now moot.

No sooner does Farhad learn that his brother has also survived the attack than he decides to flee, and plunges a pen into the first person that tries to stop him. Way to play it cool and not arouse suspicion. Of course, his brother is quickly informed of this, and the hunt for Farhad is in full effect; so that escape plan is working really well.

Meanwhile, Ortiz's rough day continues when Davros gets the jump on the young agent and orders him, at gunpoint, to call off CTU's pursuit. But now it's Jack to the rescue, showing up just in time to pop the cop killer and save Ortiz's life.

Though Jack doesn't get to interrogate Davros (with this perp being not almost, but totally dead), CTU is able to read the tattoos on his corpse, which indicate membership in the Russian mafia. And who used to work undercover with the Russian mob? None other than (now-former) FBI Agent Renee Walker (Annie Wersching).

As Chloe informs Jack, Renee had some sort of a breakdown after the events of Day 7, and either resigned or was fired by the FBI. And afterward, she apparently wouldn't even return Jack's calls - what's up with that? I'm sure we'll get the full story eventually.

For now, there are more pressing issues for Renee to deal with. Upon examining the deceased Davros' body, CTU medical personnel determine that he was recently exposed to weapons-grade uranium - so recently that it's most likely in the U.S. right now. And seeing as Renee's undercover credentials with the Russian mob are still intact, Hastings asks her to help sniff out the uranium. She agrees - reluctantly - to go back undercover. But, as we've heard Jack say before, this doesn't mean she wants back into the whole game.

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