Walton Goggins Talks About the 'Justified' Season Finale...

'Justified' has unfolded in a nice, slow manner throughout its first season, but tonight's season finale (10PM ET) of FX's latest hit offers a big payoff for fans, with action and character revelations that make for a satisfying capper and new developments that will have you wishing season 2 was starting next week.

At the center of it all: 'The Shield' alum Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder, the complicated Kentuckian who started off the series as a swastika-ed white supremacist, but, thanks to a near-death experience (and some Emmy-worthy acting by Goggins), has turned into one of the most compelling characters in primetime, and, yes, one you can't help but like, or at the very least, be completely fascinated by.

Goggins, who's already been bumped to series regular for the show's second season, called TV Squad from Los Angeles to talk about how he almost turned down the role of Boyd, how he helped saved the character's life -- literally -- in the pilot, how he felt about the way the storyline wrapped for his other complex TV alter ego, Shane Vendrell, and how he's going to make movie fans fall for his death-row inmate character in 'Predators,' the Robert Rodriguez-produced big-screen 'Predator' sequel.

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Jun 9, 2010 6:45AM EDT

This show started of really good then slowed down a bit and after mid season it just took of big time turning into one of my absolute favorites. This was also one of the best season finales I have seen and I agree that Goggins should get an Emmy nomination for this imo.

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