One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Weeks Go By Like Days" Season 7, Episode 13

One Tree Hill is back and begins with a little "I'm gonna knock you out" chant that Haley and her men use to get pumped up for the show. Nathan and Jamie have joined her for the last leg of the tour (and apparently it's summer?) and wow, they really sexed Haley up. As the Scotts return to Tree Hill for the final concert, little Jamie tells his buddies all about him and his "road dogs" and suddenly his bragging has lost their interest. In a nice father-son moment, Nate advises that although he'll get to do a lot of cool things in life, none of it matters without his friends.

Clay and Quinn

A bit of a dull episode for the new hot couple. After professing that he planned to fall insanely in love with her, Clay spends six weeks on the road recruiting. Just as Quinn receives the papers that her divorce is final, Clay returns so the two can officially start dating. He wants to take it slow, but when he can't help but act awkward with Quinn in front of Nate, Nate finally snaps it out of him. "I miss my friend," Nate tells his agent.

Alex and Millicent

While Alex successfully completed her treatment, Millicent did not. Completely lost and back to her partying ways, two unexpected people are there when she needs someone most: Alex and Victoria. As Millie appears in court for her drunk driving case, Victoria shows up to tell the judge that Millie works for her. After a lack of appreciation, Victoria asks her, "I'm sorry, does that mean thank you in coke-whore land?"

Because it's not enough of a kick in the butt to get sober, Millicent ends up back at Makenna's party. Alex, who keeps telling Julian she's "fine," can't escape the permanent reminders on her wrists of hitting rock-bottom and sets out to save her friend since no one was ever there to save her. She knows exactly where to find Millie and grabs her by the arm and drags her home. After refusing to leave Millicent's apartment until she start talking, Alex tells her, "Be as nasty as you want, I'm staying because I love you and I'm not giving up on you." Millie finally breaks down and tells her to stop being so nice. It all comes out as Mille says she told Alex she was washed up and then Alex tried to kill herself. The two hug as Millie realizes Alex doesn't blame her.

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