When 'Hoarders' Don't Want Help (VIDEO)

People with OCD are often in a mental struggle that's too much for them to handle. And sometimes that struggle leads them to lash out against those people who are trying to help them. 'Hoarders' (Mon., 9PM on AETV) takes a deeper look into one of the most misunderstood manifestations of OCD, and this week it brings out the ugly side of one of its participants.

Gordon and his family live in a home filled with junk that's coated with dust and decay, but none of them think they're hoarders. All four of them deny the condition one by one. "We just let things get out of hand," one says. "We just haven't gotten rid of anything," says another. And yet one more: "We are not hoarders. Never have been. Never will be. We are simply called collectors." Collectors of filthy junk apparently.

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