The Bachelor Episode Recap: Week 3

On this episode of The Bachelor, two gals get one-on-one dates and not two, but three are sent packing by Jake himself.

Vienna gets the first one-on-one date and as the bubbly 23-year-old jumps into the car, Jake goes on and on about dating women he may not normally date, and getting out of his comfort zone. On their date, they take a helicopter to a bridge where they jump, just one problem. They're both afraid of heights? Last time I checked she's supposed to be fun-loving and he's supposed to be a pilot but OK. However, Jake makes a positive out of a negative in saying that he and Vienna can overcome their fear together and bond in the experience and also share a first kiss "unlike any first kiss I've ever had," Jake says. Vienna gets a rose, much to the shock and disappointment of all of her housemates.

For the group date, Jake takes the ladies to the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club where each lady much go on stage and perform a bit for Jake. Ashleigh cries because she's so nervous about her routine. No.1: It's the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, not Saturday Night Live. No. 2: It's just Jake, not Will Ferrell judging how you do. Come on. After tutoring the girls, Lovitz reveals that the ladies will also be performing in front of a live audience and all I can think is I hope those people got in for free! Especially judging by the tears.

Elizabeth's routine is so vulgar; they have to blur her mouth...twice! But the woman I really can't wait for is crazy eyes Michelle. Yes, after the first rose ceremony, and all of her subsequent appearances, that's what I am calling her, and her spacey comedy routine proves just that. At least one girl works a kiss with Jake into her routine (Kathryn).

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