'Bachelor Pad' Season 1, Episode 5 Recap

In the words of David -- and The Fresh Prince -- this week the game got "flipped, turned upside down," (seriously, was I the only one who flashed back to the '90s?) as all of the contestants were paired into couples for the remainder of the game. I guess Gia and the other outsiders were on to something all along ... who'd have thunk?

This was a dream come trouble for established couples like Tenley and Kiptyn, and Elizabeth and Kovacs, but for the floaters? Not so much. As is 'Bachelor Pad' tradition, there were tears within the first five minutes of the episode, and the drama certainly didn't stop there.

The guys made an almost-convincing show of deliberating which girl to choose to partner up with, but let's face it, ladies, they were pretty much always going to choose the girls who will misguidedly have sex with them. Sorry, Nikki, Gwen and Ashley. But we doubt that losing stung half as much as Elizabeth's oh-so classy observation that she was terrified of dying old and alone like Gwen. Okay, we're paraphrasing, but it's pretty close to what Elizabeth said. (Poor Gwen, mannequins have feelings too!)

So when the dust settled and our final four couples were revealed, I doubt any of us were surprised to see Elizabeth/Kovacs, Tenley/Kiptyn, Natalie/David and Peyton/Jesse still standing. This was after Kovacs admitted in his video log that Elizabeth "has a screw loose, she's totally unstable." Very smart strategy, dude -- trust the Bunny Boiler to help you win 250 grand.

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