'90210' Season 2, Episode 10: Goodbye, Jackie Taylor - Recap

Last night on "90210," Jackie Taylor goes to the ritzy zip code in the sky.

Silver, Jackie & Kelly

Silver calls 911 and Jackie goes to the hospital for a heart attack. The doctors say because of the chemo that she's too weak to fight much longer, but she's conscious so the girls can so good-bye. Kelly can't go see her, which (like many of our commenters) I totally don't get because Jackie stopped being crappy to her early in the original. Silver tells Kelly that she'll regret it if she doesn't say good-bye but Kelly still won't go see her.

Later, Kelly comes to get Silver at the hospital and finds Jackie's room empty and thinks Jackie is gone. Kelly collapses in tears but thankfully Jackie was just moved to a private room. Kelly goes to see her and Jackie assures Kelly that she turned out so much better than she could've expected and she's such a good mother to Silver and strong and beautiful. I know this shouldn't make me tear up because there are MANY problems with this plot but it does anyway. Totally crying. Later, Jackie dies in her sleep with Kelly and Silver holding her hands. Sniffle.

Navid & Adrianna

Navid tells Naomi that Ade is back on drugs and Naomi confronts her. Ade totally lies. Her evidence is that she's not acting anything like how she was acting when she was on coke. Well, that's because she's on prescrips now. Ade confronts Navid and says she's not using because he wasn't that hard to get over and she was never really in love with him. Wow. Adrianna SUCKS this season.

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