Dominic Monaghan Practices Being OCD for 'Flash Forward' Role

So far we've been far too charmed by Simon on Flash Forward, and it's not just because he's played by Dominic Monaghan. There are layers upon layers in the character, and you're not exactly sure if you want to find what's at the core. First you see the guy thinking of strangling a stranger while in bed with a woman, and next thing you know he's clutching a memento with a vulnerable look on his face.

Simon's been an unpredictable and intriguing character since he was introduced, which was around four episodes ago. Part of his appeal, of course, is what Monaghan calls "a little OCD."

The actor told The Press Association what it took for him to get into the shoes of the mysterious scientist on the series. It wasn't that difficult for him to play an oddball on Flash Forward, but he's developed a few quirks of his own along the way.

"Although I've done a few things, playing around with the OCD thing - when I leave my house I do a few things just to see what that's like," the 32-year-old Monaghan explained. "It's fun - you just have to maintain a real level of stillness. There's an air of confidence that comes through that stillness which dictates on the character so it's been a fun ride."

He's also talked more about his character when he appeared the Bonnie Hunt Show, describing what it's like to play Simon.

"Simon's kind of a serial-killing quantum physicist," he said. "You come to realize that Simon's only behaving in a certain way because he's trying to get something to happen for himself."

Another surprising thing that Monaghan revealed was that he usually bases his characters on certain animals. The actor's known for his collection of peculiar insects, and so he related the story of how his female praying mantis ate its mate. "So I based Simon on a praying mantis," he said.

"Because he doesn't move that much, he's very specific about the way he moves. The way he moves his head, the way he moves his eyes. And he has a very one-track mind."

With nothing able to bring down Simon's determination, he might just have his way on Flash Forward. OCD or not, he's still one character we can't help but root for.

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