Luc the Lover Might Stay Longer on 'Brothers and Sisters'

It sounds as though romance is going to be a staple on this season of Brothers & Sisters. There was the engagement of Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) to Justin (Dave Annable), then there's Robert (Rob Lowe) patching things up with Kitty (Calista Flockhart). Now, with Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) coming home from France, there's another relationship on the rise.

On his TV Guide interview, Gilles Marini, who was a guest-star on the last episode "From France with Love" hinted that his appearances on Brothers and Sisters may be more than expected. He first appeared as a suitor of Sarah's, but the actor revealed that this could simply "be more than a fling" for the two of them.

Possible spoilers below.

"He's different than her past [significant others]," the Dancing with the Stars alum revealed. "It's a beautiful relationship between them." He also thought that Luc Laurent, the French artist, could just be "the one" for Sarah.

"Going into the filming of the fifth episode, there was a lot of talk of me coming back, so you may not see the last of Luc," he said. When the two characters met in France, there was an immediate spark between them - love at first sight, as they say.

"He thinks she's very charming, intelligent, driven -- something that's missing from his relationships," Marini explained. "That's why he makes a dramatic move." Well, this fits perfectly with the drama of Brothers and Sisters, which allows Luc to fly to California and follow Sarah.

Marini says Luc will be her "bright light," helping her as the Walkers struggle with Kitty's cancer. Sarah doesn't find this easy to accept at first, given her past with men. But Marini's character will convince her that all hope is not lost when it comes to him.

"We concentrated on the fact that he is there for her," the actor explained. "Sometimes people who do that are seen with an agenda, but this guy just doesn't have one. She realizes she has to look outside of the box and understand different people."

Marini went on: "He will help her open up more and from that, she will understand what she needs to shift in her life to have romance." Still, the future of his character still lies in the hands of the brains behind Brothers and Sisters.

"It depends on what the writers want," Gilles Marini said. "I believe we have an amazing chemistry and we can have a great foundation and he could be a great stepfather."

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