Shannon Twins: 'The Girls Next Door' is "Like a Big Family"

While I do find it odd to think of families when it comes to the Playboy mansion, there's definitely some hint of that concept there. Perhaps it's the bond that causes Hef's three blondes to stay attached to his arms at parties. What a peculiar thought. Then again, this is The Girls Next Door.

As new tenants of the Playboy mansion, Kristina and Karissa Shannon have been trying to get used to the environment. The twins told The Futon Critic about their experiences in the house so far, from their surprise to being cast on the show to sharing Hugh Hefner.

"I knew when we came here we didn't want to leave," Karissa began, "so it's good that that came true." She also talked about her first time in the mansion, at the time they tried out for the 55th Anniversary Playmate.

"We had so much fun," she admitted. "It's like a big family here."

The Shannon twins never thought they'd end up sharing the same guy, but they simply don't mind if that guy is millionaire and magazine mogul Hugh Hefner. They say there's just something about him that made them fall so easily. Is it really all about the money?

"Hef likes to have a good time and he has a really big heart and we have so much fun with him," Karissa explained. "He has the same likes and he likes watching movies. He's a partying playboy and that's what we like."

Unfortunately, these girls have received some criticism about being too alike themselves. It's not just the outfits, a tradition I'm hoping they grow out of, but even fellow Girls Next Door co-star Crystal Harris thinks of them as just one person.

"We have totally different personalities but we do everything the same," Karissa said. "I just hope they like us and we represent Playboy well. I hope they don't hate us. I just hope that they watch for us and don't prejudge us."

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