'Human Target' - 'Tanarak' Recap Episode 10

Sorry about the late review, folks. My systems were still acting a little wonky thanks to that EMP blast on '24' the other week, but everything seems to be working A-OK now. So let's take a few and talk about our favorite Death Retardant Specialist, Christopher Chance.

SuperChance flew to a remote Alaskan island to rescue a selfless doctor, played by the perfectly adequate Moon Bloodgood, from a team of corporate-financed baddies. But what started out as a simple snatch-and-grab job soon turned into a mission to unearth a deadly conspiracy. Follow me after the jump for spoilers.

It's always fun to see our boy dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but his wits and the clothes on his back. But Chance didn't need much help outwitting the pathetic goons in this episode. He was able to take out their toughest shotgun-holding tough guy in less than 10 seconds, a hilarious nod to Chance's flawless fighting skills.

As usual, the rest of the ep jumped back and forth between Chance's adventure in the field and Winston and Guerrero's fact-finding mission back in San Francisco. You'd think this formula would feel tired by now, but 'Human Target' manages to keep things fresh with clever little twists, quirky character interactions, and some nice quiet moments between Chance and the person he's trying to help.

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