FlashForward Episode 18 Recap: "Course Correction"

Two days before the global blackout, at NLAP headquarters in Palo Alto, Simon comments to Lloyd about the clothes they wore when they broke ground on the accelerator they are about to test. Though Lloyd says his choice of clothes was an accident, Simon says they are no accidents. Lloyd tells Simon what they're doing is a big deal. They've been working on tachyons for 12 years, and this is their moment. They share a drink. Lloyd then hopes the machine works. Simon says they're simulating the big bang, and wonders what could go wrong. Simon then gets a call, and is noticeably disturbed by what he hears. He asks if Annabelle is alright, and says he'll be on the first flight home. Simon tells Lloyd that his dad died.

The day of the blackout, Simon is not there, and Lloyd is running the show. Lloyd is surprised when he is introduced to a journalist, who is there to cover the firing of the accelerator. The order is given to get underway. Lloyd and his team cover their ears, and wait for the accelerator to fire. As it does, a massive energy field erupts from it and encompasses the entire planet. Millions of visions are shown to be occurring within the energy field. Everyone in the lab blacks out. Lloyd soon comes to, shocked and disoriented at what has happened and sees that the journalist has been killed in her fall.

Present day, Lloyd is on the news, and discusses how the flash-forwards were possible futures, and can still be changed. The anchor comments that since April 29 is a week away, everyone is wondering what to expect. Lloyd says that observations shape realities and seeing the future may change them. Olivia is at the hospital watching this on television, tending to Gabriel, who had developed a foot infection. Mark and Demetri watch while at the FBI. Simon watches from a car, as Lloyd says on television that the universe may self correct. The news anchor brings on a guest, Celia Quinonis, the women who was supposed to be killed in a car accident by the late Agent Gough. Celia says that she did not have a vision, and expected she would be killed. She then read she would die in a car accident on the Mosaic website. After Agent Gough sacrificed himself, her future changed. She thanks his family for his sacrifice.

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