Jon and Kate Plus 8: Kate Major Sues Jon Gosselin Over Secret Contract

Jon Gosselin is ending this year with lawsuit after lawsuit, and even his lawyers are laughing about it. Well, they're scoffing at the one concerning Kate Major anyway.

The Jon and Kate Plus 8 dad apparently signed a secret contract with the former reporter of Star magazine, the woman he allegedly had romantic relations with. Radar Online reports that the two of them have a hand-written document signed up, naming Major as Jon's personal assistant.

In addition to employing Kate 2.0, the document also states that the dad of eight promised to pay her a percentage of his accounts. It also said that she isn't allowed to discuss their relationship in public.

The text written by Gosselin on the so-called contract goes: "I, Jon Gosselin, will employ Kate Major as a personal assistant handling some but not all future accounts. She will be a sub-contractor. She will receive a percentage of accounts for payment based upon involvement."

Meanwhile, Kate Major's part went as such: "Jon and I will not comment publicly about our relationship." It was dated July 28, 2009 and was supposedly created while the two spent a night in a hotel. Were they even sober when they wrote this?

Anyway, Kate has decided to sue Jon over a breach of this contract. Jon's attorney Mark Heller has gotten wind of the issue and dismissed it as a joke. "Kate knows Jon Gosselin is like Obama's stimulus package," the lawyer told the publication. "Every time she needs money, she cashes in on the few days she knew Jon Gosselin."

While he did confirm the document being real, Heller immediately said it had no legal value. "It holds as much order as a six-inch pail with a nine-inch hole," he added. "It will not serve for the basis of any litigation. Anybody who would seek to file a lawsuit based on that document would be sanctioned."

"Her lawyer was very cautious in his language when he said 'possible' [breach of contract lawsuit]. Clearly he has no options concerning that matter."

Well that settles it. Mark Heller seems to be fending off Jon Gosselin's enemies so far. Until the next Jon and Kate 2.0 showdown then.

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