'Desperate Housewives': Another strangler attack

Susan's Sentence & Katherine's Krying

Susan has to pick up trash by the side of the road as her punishment for shooting Katherine. Heh. When Katherine gets caught littering (to give Susan more to do), she gets stuck on trash-gathering duty too. Double heh.

Katherine starts crying while they pick up trash, saying that Susan won and she lost. She cries that no one will ever make love to her five times in one day. Susan then sets to proving that she and Mike can do it five times in one day too. Mike can't keep up and the Katherine issue comes up. Mike tells Susan that sex is all they ever had together, there was nothing else to the relationship and with Susan he has everything.

Lynette's Lie & Gabby's Guile

Lynette only has to pull off the charade for two more days because once she closes the biggest deal in history, she'll be in the clear. Unfortunately, her number two guy at work is getting shipped off to the Florida branch. So Lynette has Terrence and his wife over to her house to celebrate, and by "celebrate" I mean "convince them Florida is awful and riddled with gators and hurricanes and drug lords." Oh, Lynette!

Meanwhile, Gabby goes to confession to bribe the priest to get Juanita into Catholic school. He says if they had an opening, he could move her to the top of the list. So Gabby gets a man at Carlos' company transferred to the Florida branch because his daughter is Juanita's age and goes to the Catholic school. Oh, Gabby!

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