'Modern Family' - 'Game Changer' Recap Episode 19

One of the reasons that Cameron and Mitchell are so fun is that Cameron manages to be both the more flamboyant one, and he's clearly the more badass of the two, as well. Mitchell is always kind of whiny and too uptight with his little fists. Unfortunately, when his ineffectiveness as a tough guy leads him to think he's letting his daughter down as a father, Mitchell decides he needs to toughen up.

Phil's birthday celebration took up the bulk of the episode. Well, actually it was the build-up to his birthday celebration, but most of the events happened on that day. So how'd it go? Well, I'll say that I've had plenty of birthdays that went about as well as Phil's did.

I also taught my sister how to play chess, and she beat me ... that very game. That's right. Now, we were both still children, but come on! That's just ridiculous!

I don't know if I liked Manny schooling Jay in chess better, or Gloria revealing that she's even better than Manny at the game. The scene with Jay patronizing Manny about how to play, and Manny slowly losing his cool before ultimately winning Jay's watch off of him and then parading it around in front of Mitchell was classic. "What brings you here at 4:17 in the afternoon on a Saturday?"

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