The Pros and Cons of 'Supernatural' Season 6

It's still incredibly early to start talking about whether or not Supernatural might be picked up for another season, but since this week's episode is a repeat, I've had some time to think. From the beginning, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has said he has a five-year plan for the show, and while he has every intention of finishing it as planned, the summer saw a change in tone regarding the future of Supernatural.

CW President Dawn Ostroff and Kripke himself both remained open to the possibility of continuing Supernatural beyond its current fifth season, but should they? More Supernatural is rarely a bad thing, but is it worth it for another season? Just like for every important debate, I made up a list of pros and cons to help figure it out.

PRO: The Creativity of the Writers

Supernatural has one of the most inventive and creative writing staffs on TV, with stand-outs like Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund and Jeremy Carver. Already this season has featured an apocalyptic future, Paris Hilton and the Anti-Christ (surprisingly, those last two were different characters). And upcoming episodes include Dean as an old man and the Winchesters living in various other TV shows. Creatively, Supernatural shows no signs of stopping and could easily keep going with this talented group of writers.

CON: There's Nowhere to Go But Down

This season, the Winchesters are facing Lucifer. That's as big a villain as you can possibly get, so if the show continues beyond the Lucifer storyline, it would be nearly impossible to match that level of conflict. Right now, if Kripke does plan on finishing this storyline by the end of season 5, it's hard to imagine what could be as compelling as fighting the devil.

PRO: High Ratings

Not only does Supernatural have great DVR ratings, but it's also one of The CW's highest-rated shows. Last week, Supernatural's ratings were higher than One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210 and Melrose Place (2009), putting it in the top half of the CW's shows.

CON: Low Ratings

I know this doesn't make sense, but while Supernatural is doing OK compared to other CW shows, it isn't doing that well compared to itself. Through the first six episodes of season 5, the show's average rating is about 2.74 million viewers, which is the same as the season 3 average, the lowest the show has ever had.

PRO: The CW Doesn't Have Many Shows

Overall, the CW hasn't developed many hits. Gossip Girl is an exception, and both Reaper and 90210 lasted more than one season, but the CW also had Runaway, Hidden Palms, Privileged, Life is Wild and The Beautiful Life. The CW only has eight shows on right now, and that's not enough, so the network may have to keep Supernatural around.

CON: The CW is Developing a Ton of New Shows

Right now, the CW is gearing up for pilot season to try and develop some new hits for next fall, and their initial lineup is ambitious, with at least eight new hour-long shows in very early development. Not all of these will even be under consideration, but it is a sign that the CW is looking for plenty of fresh talent.

PRO: More Jared and Jensen

If Supernatural comes to an end, the very rabid fan community will be left without a weekly dose of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, which could send some people into withdrawal. For proof, just ask Wentworth Miller fans how they're coping with Prison Break ending.

CON: Preventing the Stars from New Opportunities

Working on a TV show, especially one where they are the only two real stars, is a time-consuming process for Jared and Jensen, especially since it films in Vancouver and not L.A. If Supernatural came to an end, both stars would be able to either star in more movies or start over with a brand new TV show. They both have histories, Jared on Gilmore Girls and Jensen on Dark Angel, so it might be fun to see them expand their horizons and try out some new roles.

VERDICT: Bring on Season 6

When all the pros and cons are weighed, I'm left with the overwhelming desire to see where the heck Supernatural could possibly go. Season 6 could be a disaster, or it could be a fresh start and breathe new life into an aging series. There's no way to tell unless we see it, so despite some good reasons against it, I'm strongly in favor of a sixth season for Supernatural, no matter what.

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Oct 20, 2009 6:32PM EDT

Jenson was also in smallville as the coach/lana bf for a biit

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Oct 21, 2009 5:02PM EDT

It would be great for a season six, but it's just worrying that it may kill the show. Like you said Lucifer is kind of a the biggest baddy they could face and they've linked everything so well throughout the five series to lead up to this that it would be a shame to see it fall apart so they could make some more money out of it. I mean look at Smallville it's started it's ninth season and so far it's been rocky. I just feel it would be better for it to go out with a bang then keep running until it's cancelled, it's earned itself that much after all. Plus we don't know howthis season will end between Sam and Dean and whether they will have to face off as Michael and Lucifer, someone ain't gonna make it outta that scenario, well neither will if Dean/Michael kills Sam/Lucifer and the apocaplypse is over Michael will leave Dean and Dean will turn out worse than Michaels previous vessel (Season 5 episode 3, the quivering wreck) ergo, no Dean and Sam for season 6.
Possible ways for a season 6, I've said these before but:Start again - It's rumoured that if a season 6 occurs that it may be with new hunters as the main characters. Would you watch it? Or would it just seem like a rehash?
The John Winchester Chronicles: Do an origins story based around John and his rise as a hunter after Mary's death. The problem being we already know where it's heading.
Lucifer is killed and Sam and Dean get a new bad guy: With the introduction of Jessie as the anti-christ and being more powerful than God this could be a safety net setup for a season 6 nemesis. Obviously they might have to do a One Tree Hill style time jump to make Jessie older and more powerful but I'm sure if this was a possibilty the writers would know what to do.
Drag out the Lucifer face off: We haven't seen a lot of the Big Man so far this season so it's possible that if they decide on a season 6 they will drag out the Lucifer/apocalypse problem. They managed the Yellow-eyes story for two seasons, can they do that with Lucifer?
Personally I don't want a season 6. But if it were to happen I feel those would be the best options for the show.


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Oct 21, 2009 11:18PM EDT

I'd like to see a season 6 with the boys traveling around and fighting against the normal kinds of supernatural bad-guys (ghosts and such) without having to worry about the Apocalypse.

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Oct 24, 2009 10:57AM EDT

I kinda just wish they did a REALLY kickass movie afterwards... either finishing the lucifer plot... or showing us how sam and dean are doing afterwards. SOmething along the lines of Serenity to Firefly. I would watch it over and over!

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