Does 'The Biggest Loser' Promote Unhealthy Weight Loss? Contestants Speak Out

'The Biggest Loser,' NBC's popular weight loss reality program, has come under fire in the past several months for its weight loss practices. In November, season 1 contestant Ryan C. Benson revealed to the New York Times that he had lost weight by fasting and dehydrating, pushing himself to the point where he was urinating blood.

More recently, season 3's Kai Hibbard has been talking about gaining back 70 of the 118 pounds she lost on the show, and how the pressures of the show forced her into a mentality where a cup of coffee was considered a full meal.

But not all former contestants blame the show. TV Squad spoke to two season 1's Kelly MacFarland and Andrea Baptiste, who stressed that 'The Biggest Loser' is a reality show -- and that viewers should keep in mind that the show is entertainment, first and foremost.

"Anything you see on television, you can't take it that seriously," MacFarland told us. "It's television."

MacFarland started the show at 223 pound and finished at 152. She considers the main job of the show to help her get her weight down to a level where she could manage it herself. For her, it was a choice between weight loss surgery and the show, and she chose the show.

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