Recap: "Simple Explanation"

This week on House, the team labored to stay focused on a case while reeling from a tragedy that hit very close to home.

The episode started with a man (guest star Meat Loaf Aday) who for all intents and purposes was on his death bed, even to the point that loved ones were paying their final respects. "I never got you to Rio," he tells his wife with his last breaths. But suddenly, his wife Charlotte gasps, chokes and starts to collapse. This prompts the husband, Eddie, to rise up and plead (best he can) for help.

House's team, save for an MIA Kutner, gathers to review Charlotte's unusual case as well as Eddie's inexplicable recovery. House scoffs at talk that the husband is actually on the mend, countering, "He just had an adrenaline surge when he saw his chance to hit the singles market."

The wife rebounds. And then ails again. The husband grows able to stand. What is going on?

Foreman and Thirteen visit Kutner's apartment, but there's no answer. (As Remy puts it, "House didn't ask us to find out where he wasn't.") So they go inside, and find their colleague.

Dead. In the bedroom. Shot in the head. By his own hand.

House, as much as he does with the most complex of medical case, is anxious for answers about Kutner's suicide. "He didn't say anything ... to any of you?" he asks/accuses the team (aka the "idiots who worked along side him 80 hours a week hadn't seen this coming").

Thirteen trots out data about how 25 percent of suicides exhibit no signs of depression; House suggests those 25 percent simply had oblivious friends. Ouch.

Cuddy reaches out to House, who maintains he's "fine, despite what Wilson will say." Did he spy any clues? "I know [Kutner's] fantasy football team cratered," House quips. "I figured he'd have been over that."

"I'm sorry for your loss," Cuddy says. "It's not mine," deflects House. Cuddy: "Then I'm sorry you don't think it is."

House's quiet anguish/frustration surfaces again when the team (minus Taub, who says he feels "pity, yes" but not "guilt") visits the couple who adopted Kutner after his parents were shot dead in front of him as a youth. House suggests that Lawrence couldn't deal with not being who he was, a Choudhurry, instead "hiding" behind an Anglo name. Before he is kicked out by the outraged Kutners, he leaves.

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Apr 7, 2009 9:06PM EDT

I really wish Kutner didn't die. It was such a sad episode :'(

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