Heroes Rundown: "Turn and Face the Strange" - Featured

All roads lead to Coyote Sands. Or at least a few of the paths our heroes walk do. While Mama Petrelli organizes a family reunion at this mysterious locale, Mohinder finds clues to its history from an old file that belonged to his father. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando run into problems as they try to stage a family reunion of their own between Matt Parkman and his son. And while Danko tries to keep himself and a loved one out of Parkman's crosshairs, he also has to stay one step ahead of HRG who suspects Sylar's death isn't on the up-and-up. On with the recap!

Two Men and a Baby

Hiro and Ando leave California in their (shamelessly plugged) Nissan Cube and head cross-country to find Matt Parkman in New York. While Baby Parkman cries relentlessly - despite having just been fed and changed, Hiro says - their ride suddenly dies on the shoulder. Luckily, Hiro and Ando's hitchhiking thumbs flag down a trucker - who happens to be Asian, only with a killer Texas accent (ha!). But when crying-baby syndrome stops the big rig in its tracks too, Hiro finally realizes the secret to Toddler Touch and Go: When he's happy, he makes thing go, when he's unhappy, they stop. So how do you scare a kid to death make a kid laugh? Have Ando make a wacky face, of course! With Baby Parkman all smiles, the duo heads to Washington, D.C., where Mohinder tells Hiro he last saw Matt.

Parkman's Got a Gun

At that last meeting with Mohinder, Parkman is loading a gun, mapping out his plan to find Danko, and make him hurt as revenge for Daphne's death. When he tracks Danko down, Parkman gets inside his head and tells him to go "protect" the person closest to him. By doing so, Danko leads Parkman to the home of an "escort" named Elena, who believes Danko is a man named Jacob. When Danko leaves to go back to "Chicago," Parkman busts in gun drawn, but is unable to pull the trigger. But the truth he tells (and then shows) Elena is much more painful than a gunshot wound.

Parkman takes Elena to Danko's apartment, and uses his power to force Danko to tell the truth. He reveals his secrets about his involvement in hunting people for the government and that he killed Daphne. (Or as Matt corrects, he let her die.) Even so, Parkman realizes that Danko's feelings for Elena are real, which is perhaps why, for the second time, he can't pull the trigger. But when Matt gives up, Danko is quick to grab his piece and fire at Parkman, who appears ready to take the bullet as an act of suicide. Luckily, Hiro stops time (boy, did they get across the country fast!) and wheels Matt to safety. Elena sees the "monster" that Danko is and storms out, while Hiro introduces Parkman to his baby boy. "A boy needs his father," Hiro says. "You can't give up." And just like that, all the sadness in Matt's life vanishes. (I have to admit I chuckled as all the toy cars started spinning around the yard because of Baby Parkman's happiness.)

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