'Modern Family' Recap: Family ties Episode 18

Tonight's episode centered on newfound family bonds: Cameron and Gloria bonded over their fabulousness, Manny and Mitchell bonded over their weirdness, and Phil and Luke bonded over their spaciness.

But let's face it; it was really all about Cameron. While all the family members had their share of funny lines, Cameron was truly en fuego. I could have filled the best quotes of the night just from his zingers alone. Which is the way I like it! Not that I don't adore each and every one of these lovably dysfunctional extended family members, because I do, but if I had to pick one to take home to watch TV with me every night, it would be Cameron, and second to Cam would be Gloria - which is why this episode was so fantastic. I hope we get to see much more of them together in the future - perhaps lunching and shopping?

The token touching moment of the evening came between Manny and Mitchell, who finally bonded as brothers over being different, their knowledge of astronomy, and, of course, their ridiculous father Jay (gotta love him though).

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