'Stargate Universe' - 'Incursion, Part 2' (Season Finale) Recap Episode 20

'SGU' delivered a tense and suspenseful season finale as the Lucian Alliance took over Destiny and our heroes worked to save the ship and stay alive. The hour's dramatic final minutes and all the unanswered questions have me anticipating season two more than ever before. Cliffhangers can be annoying, but this one left me on edge and counting the days until the show returns.

There were lots of stops and starts throughout the hour, with small but crucial developments happening on both sides of the conflict. Thankfully, the discovery of the timed radiation bursts helped give the episode some focus.

The bursts threatened to turn everyone on the ship - good guys and bad -- into burnt toast, just like that one poor Alliance soldier in last week's ep. The mystery of the burst was pretty compelling until, of course, we found out exactly what they were and where they were coming from.

Was I the only one hoping that the Blue Meanies were behind the bursts? The killer beam did come through that hole they cut in the ship several episodes ago, right? I kept waiting for them to show up to either help our heroes or force the crew and the Alliance to work together and fight against them. But that never happened. Instead, the bursts were chalked up to a very inconvenient space phenomena happening a few blocks away from Destiny's parking space. That was a little disappointing.

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