'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' recap: Clash of the Titans Episode 7

It's a clash of the titans, people! And I'm not talking the cheesetastic 1981 film starring Harry Hamlin and a robot owl. And I'm not talking about a remake of said cheesetastic film that was shot in 2-D but then transferred to 3-D just so the movie studio could try to swipe some of Avatar's hype and charge hardworking men and women (okay, mostly men) $3 more per movie ticket. No, I'm talking about Russell vs. Rob, two of the most aggressive and entertaining Survivor contestants ever to play the game. They share so much in common, these two: Both play all-out. Both have a you're-with-me-or-you're-against-me attitude. Both wear funny hats. And both were robbed in their previous seasons by bitter juries that refused to honor the game by voting for the person who did the most outplaying and outwitting. (I know that makes a lot of you Russell haters angry, but I've got to call it the way I see it.) And because they are so much alike, they can't wait to get rid of each other. THIS ISLAND SIMPLY ISN'T BIG ENOUGH FOR THE BOTH OF THEM!

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