Recap: "Double Blind"

This week, as TNT's The Closer presented its fourth season finale, Brenda tried to tie up one last case before tying the knot with Fritz. But can the woman who does it all have it all?

I was among those who, upon reading James Duff's latest blog, grew most curious as to what was going to go down during this season finale. Duff is a superb tease, and certainly had many of us thinking - worrying - that jitters, second thoughts or something far worse/deadly might keep Brenda and Fritz from becoming husband and wife.

The episode opens with Fritz's jack-of-all-trades sister, Claire, declaring the wedding site a "feng shui nightmare" as she scrambles to redirect the chi, somewhat butting heads with Willie Ray along the way.

We learn that the would-be newlyweds are bound for Italy once they exchange vows, yet Brenda is distracted by choppers and sirens racing past the five-star oceanside wedding site to who-knows-where. Brenda sneaks a call into Pope - from the hotel-room john - to get the 411 on the 911, but comes up empty,

Fritz, though, fares differently. A big drug shipment is coming in, and it could be the break the feds need to bring down drug lord El Jefe. "I'll be home tonight," he tells his bride-to-be.

Sad (and somewhat ominous) as that is, it frees up Brenda to check in on the MCD's breaking case involving strippers/escorts, a murder and a robbery. The crime scene offers some "light" moments 'tween Flynn, Provenza and a bevy of "ladies," but things are much tenser inside the gals' management office, where Gabriel and Daniels have a heated detente over a naughty cop costume. "You can't take a joke," says Gabriel. "I dated you for a year-and-a-half!" argues Daniels. Things boil until Daniels slaps Gabriel, as Provenza walks in.

Provenza puts to rest any thoughts of filing reports for battery or what not. Later in the squad room, he announces that the former lovers have created an unworkable situation at the office. As such, he strongly, strongly suggests, one of them best apply for the transfer to C.I.

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