Recap: "...About Last Night"

Alison wakes up alone under a bridge, bloodied and disoriented. She doesn't know where she's been since she spoke to Ariel several hours earlier. There's no sign of her car, and her purse has gone missing. Scarier than any dream she's had, Alison is living her dreams now. In this episode of Medium, a new twist on Alison's insider clues to solving crimes, invigorates the regular format.

Joe's concern for his shaken wife is visceral. He's so protective of her. He doesn't care if they find her missing car, "We've found you," and that's all that matters to Joe. The girls are thrilled she's home and safe and show it by making her pancakes. So sweet!

Al sees herself in her dreams looking over the ravaged body of a dying man she has presumably hit with her car. His last words are "Why? Why?" Diego Mulino was killed by a hit and run driver but Alison thinks she may have killed him. The six hours she can't remember are coming back in dreams in dribs and drabs and the images are upsetting her.

Alison soon realizes her body had been inhabited by someone and the pieces slowly begin to fall into place. She finds the hand in her purse that belongs to the murdered woman, Maria, who has taken over her body in order to avenge her own death. Scanlon and Devalos play critical roles in helping to assuage her unnecessary guilt. They are so often quick to question her dreams that it's nice to see them both so concerned for her.

Before Maria's death, she worked for the owner of a trucking company, Hector. He is a coyote, involved in human trafficking, and with a conscience unaffected by dead cargo. Maria finds out that he intends to leave a truckload of immigrants in the desert to die because they have been infiltrated by an FBI agent. Without hesitation, she goes to the police. Needless to say, that doesn't sit well with Hector, so he bludgeons her and then goes after her friend Diego. Maria slips into Alison's body and attacks Hector with a pair of scissors. The wound doesn't kill him, but his son smothers him with his hospital pillow, so balance is restored.

There were a few scenes I found truly compelling. Alison awakes thinking she has killed a man and Joe tries to grapple with what she has just told him - it was very moving. Alison is uncontrollably upset and inconsolable. Joe remains the steady, calming force assuring her that she was not responsible. She is a lucky woman to have a husband who can tether her when she is emotionally adrift and bring her back to reality.

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